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Unity In the Community Concerts

Entertaining, Exciting, Inspirational Concerts for people of all ages.

Israeli, Hassidic, Yemenite, Yiddish, Ladino, Latin, Pop, Rock & Jazz

Designed to help you feel and celebrate your Jewish heart & soul!

Come alive … sing, dance, pray & celebrate your Jewishness!

Enjoy Jewish music & vocal styles from around the world!

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Unity In the Community Concerts
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Get Chai On … Mystical & Hassidic teachings!

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Bring life, soul, unity, and Jewish celebration into your community.

We provide a variety of wonderful Jewish entertainment …


A fabulous one person show that sounds like a sixteen piece orchestra


       A Variety of Entertainers

                                                         Singers, and Musicians

                                                                                                       Story Tellers, and more!

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‘Unity In the Community’ Concerts


A unique Jewish musical experience!


Strengthening Jewish Identity, Continuity & Unity


Enjoy A Multimedia Approach To The Jewish Experience:

Educational, Musical, Spiritual &Personally Meaningful
For People Of All Ages & Backgrounds


Simcha Sheldon


rabbi, composer, musician, vocalist, educator


Feel, know, love, and celebrate your Jewish heart and soul.

Audiences young and old, secular, and spiritual, enjoy Simcha’s concerts.

Sing and dance to exciting Israeli, Chassidic, Yemenite, Latin, Pop, and traditional songs.

Learn Hassidic & Mystical teachings that will touch and inspire you to laugh, love, even pray.


Simcha plays a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments, and provides the sound of a full

orchestra as accompaniment, playing his innovative and exciting arrangements, creating

an inspirational and entertaining, professional musical experience.

Invite Simcha To Help Create Unity In Your Community


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Why Do People Like

Our ‘Unity In The Community’ Concerts?


Thousand of people from all around the world have enjoyed experiencing our concerts!

This is what they have to say….


“You were a big hit!…The finest program in 35 years.”

   Southern California B’nai Brith Council – Russ Levy, Pres.


“As usual, your concert was a great success…entertaining, inspirational…new music.”

   Israel Center – Jerusalem “OU” NCSY – S. Solomon, Dir.


“The voice & music of Simcha Sheldon lifts your spirit & nourishes your soul.”

   Cantor Michael Russ, L’chayim Radio


“Your concert performances… your music … singing …and variety of musical styles…were enjoyed by the whole family, religious and secular… a special touch.”

Mncplty of Jerusalem – H. Ben Shimon, Dir. Cultural Events


“Your performance stood out for its quality and professionalism…vocally and instrumentally.”

International Jewish Festival ’89 – P. Glasser – Coordinator


“Your song “Adon Olam” …fifth place Chassidic Songs Parade…Your album “Let’s Be Friends” is very special and different from the others.”

   Israel Broadcasting Authority – Nachum Ido, Programming


“The Jewish people of the city of Leningrad … express gratitude for your excellent performance … you sang and played so beautifully … a big crowd filled the concert hall that night.”

   Lishkas Ezras Achim – Rabbi Moshe Levertov, Coordinator


“Excellent performance … at the JCCA Entertainment Center … Thank you for your original composition (written) specifically for the Los Angeles Marathon.”

   Los Angeles Marathon – William Burke, President


“Highly energetic, innovative, inspiring.”

   Lincoln Square Synagogue, NY – Rabbi Simcha Weinberg


“You have a beautiful voice…You gave us a fabulous, versatile, dynamic show”

   Creative Introductions – San Diego, CA -Arline Gordon


“Your show is very different. Your wide range of quality musical material is refreshing and original. The audience enjoyed it very much.”

   Montel Caterers, NY – Mickey Montel



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Bringing the Joy of Judaism Around the World!


Thousands of People from all around the world have enjoyed our programs.


Here Is A Sampling of Previous Concerts, Programs, & Speaking Engagements:


·   International Jewish Festival – Los Angeles

·   Bnai Brith Southern California Council

·   Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education

·   Los Angeles Jewish Festival – JCCA of Greater L.A. & Federation

·   Rabbinical Assembly Western Region Conv. – Palm Springs

·   Cantors Assembly Pacific Southeast – Palm Springs

·   Union of Orthodox Congregations – West Coast Convention

·   Jewish Renaissance Ctr. & Cong. Kehilat Jacob – New York

·   Liberty Bell Amphitheater – Municipality of Jerusalem, Israel

·   Salt Lake City Jewish Community Center

·   Sheraton World, Orlando, Florida

·   Israel Center – Jerusalem, Israel – for OU, NCSY

·   Kol Yisrael Radio, Jerusalem

·   European Union of Jewish Students – Scholar in Residence – Holland

·   University Of Judaism – Los Angeles

·   Leningrad, Russia – Lishkas Ezras Achim

·   Aruba – Americana Hotel

·   On Board the Crown Odyssey to South America

·   On Board the Saga Fjord to the Caribbean

·   On Board the Stella Solaris to the Caribbean

·   Jewish Federation of Los Angeles

·   Los Angeles Marathon – City of Los Angeles

·   International Conference Jewish Medical Ethics – California

·   Israelite Center, Jerusalem, Israel

·   Friar Tuck Inn, N.Y.

·   Hadassah, Amit, and many more!

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