Dr. Sheldon’s Qualifications

Dr. Sheldon is a recognized expert in psychology & education. He has lectured internationally for universities, conferences, synagogues, hotels and cruise ships.

He is a fellow of the Bar Ilan University, Senior Educators Program

He is the creator of innovative educational programs, such as Project L.E.A.R.N.

Dr.Sheldon’s programs are engaging, inspirational, motivational & entertaining.

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Dr. Sheldon offers interesting, informative & entertaining
Scholar-in-Residence Programs

Below are excerpts of testimonials written by participants of the European Union of Jewish Students Convention in Kerkarde, Holland, 1992, where Dr. Sheldon was the Scholar-in-Residence.

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Workshops, Lectures, Focus Groups & Concert

“You really gave me something I could use to help me experience G-d. I was praying three times a day but I could not feel G-d so I left Jewish practices. The most important thing I learned was the necessity of prayer, the necessity of unifying with G-d. I liked the depths of your talks and the range of topics.”

Yuval Lapide – Frankfurt, Germany

“What you have to offer is exactly what  European Jewish students need. You really know how to speak on their level.”

Robert Baruch – Leiden, Holland. Presidium; World ORT 2000

“You are able to discuss a variety of important topics and then synthesize them into a coherent meaningful presentation.”

Muriel Teitelbaum – Zurich University

“You were talking not as somebody from above, but much rather than somebody who understands what we were talking about, and you used examples we understood to illustrate it. You know exactly how to get the most out of the people listening to you.”

Mathiab Hirsch, Essungen, Switzerland

“Your workshop made me realize that I don’t know anything about Judaism and that I should do something to change it. The most important thing that I learned was that a lot of things which are illogical to me seem to have an answer.”

Heim Daphna, Kilchberg, Switzerland

“You really care about what the participants are interested in.”

Naomi Beer, Budapest

“I liked the most about your workshop the possibility of interaction with every person, it was touching.”

Barbara Novanova, Bratislava, Czech Republic

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