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Conflict Busters

A Multi-Platform Interactive Multi-media Strategy Game

Helping Kids, Teens & Adults Learn & Practice

 Conflict Resolution

The Loving Heart Fellowship Presents


 A Multi-Platform Interactive Multi-media Strategy Game

Helping Kids, Teens & Adults Learn & Practice

 Conflict Resolution

We change the Process of Learning into a

Entertaining Challenging Strategic Gaming Experience

 We Utilize Cutting Edge Educational Technologies and Teaching-Learning Methodologies

Flipped classroom & Blended Learning – The learner can play the GAME at home, thereby preparing for the class discussion, clarification, addition related learning activities, and more advanced learning.

Gamification – The GAME is designed to not only motivate engagement and learning, but to grow in relation to social skills, psychological understanding, and personal values clarification and development.

Informal learning – The game is designed to encourage informal learning a. while playing the GAME, b. during individual on-line follow-up learning experiences, and c. during the Classroom follow-up discussions and activities.

Interactive Learning Platform – The GAME has an interactive learning component for searching and receiving on-line learning resources

Differential Learning – The GAME is designed with

  1. Various options of play appropriate for the cognitive and social levels of the learner,

  2. A quiz to ascertain whether the learner processes, comprehends, and remembers more effectively and efficiently with visual or auditory material, and

  3. Resources and materials appropriate for the individual learner (based on N.LP).

Individualized Learning – Each player plays through a succession of advanced levels of GAME learning, and skill development, at his/her own pace.

Social Network Learning/Playing – Players can play together on the same team or on “opposing” different teams.

Multi-platform Technology and Accessibility – each student can play on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or PC – individually, in a group, or as part of a social network.

Electronic Classroom – This GAME is particularly synergetic within an Electronic Classroom (Please refer to options for Play).

Compatible with different configurations of available technological devices – The Classroom Teacher or Player can choose a number of possible GAME playing-learning configurations based upon the technology available. (Tablets, laptops, home PC’s, – a few for the class, or one for each student).

Lifelong Learning – The social skills, interpersonal understanding, and development of values that is gained through the playing of this GAME, provides a platform and a jumping-up place for continued personal and social growth.

Fail-up – The Student/Player learns from the mistakes that are made, until the learner masters the knowledge, understanding and skills presented.

Adaptive Learning – The GAME adapts itself to the responses and understanding of the player.

Asynchronous, Synchronous and Combined Learning Options – This GAME offers the option of asynchronous learning, synchronous learning, or a combination of the two – asynchronous player self-learning, followed by classroom or social network learning experiences, integrating what has already been learned – with group sharing of ideas, skills, and social interaction regarding the material and process.

Synchronous & Asynchronous online Teacher monitoring and guidance – The GAME can be played online in the GAME’s web based format. Teachers and learners/players can synchronize a time for play and monitoring, so that the teacher can give feedback , explanations, clarifications and suggestions; or

The players/learners can interact with the teacher asynchronously.

Digital Story Telling – Animation is utilized within the GAME scenarios and in some of the provided teaching resources (AGL’s)

E-learning – takes place both through AGL’s (after GAME links) which connect the learner with additional resources and corrective presentations as a response to the materials that the learner had difficulty understanding.

MOOC – Massive Open Online Course – The information taught as part of the GAME playing experience can be presented formally, as a course, with the same availability of additional learning resources and teacher guidance.

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