The Loving Heart Fellowship

A Non-profit Religious Organization Dedicated To Making the World A Better Place

Increasing Mutual Respect, Cooperation & Unity

Our Mission

Our Vision

All the peoples of the world living in peace, love, and cooperation.

The Jewish people relating with each other with love, respect, understanding, appreciation, cooperation, and Godliness – offering the world a model for peace, love, social responsibility, and God consciousness.

Our Mission

To provide educational, spiritual, and social experiences to motivate and inspire Jews to value and actualize Ahavat & Achdut Yisrael – the Love and Unity of the Jewish People, as well as to increase peace and unity in the world.

To increase love, peace, respect, cooperation, social responsibility, and God consciousness for all people.

Our Goals

This coming year we hope to provide ‘Unity in the Community’ Events in 25 cities around the world; Help 1,000 LHF members participate in world wide Tikun Olam (social responsibility) Projects; Train 10 communities in the implementation of Project L.E.A.R.N.; Facilitate Unity discussions & projects with community leaders promoting unity in the Jewish community; Facilitate Unity discussions for world peace.

Our Prayer

We call upon every person no matter what background or beliefs s/he may have, to join The Loving Heart Fellowship, and to partake, share, give, and help to co-create God’s vision of a world of love, peace, and Godliness, and a unified Jewish People.

Universal God Consciousness

Our programs people of all backgrounds to understand the importance of God consciousness, and living in a Godly manner – with love, respect, honesty, and consideration for one’s fellow human beings, the ecology, and all of God’s creations.

 Jewish Identity, Continuity & Unity

Our programs help Jews feel good about being Jewish, and to understand the joyous, beautiful, meaningful, and spiritual essence of Judaism and Jewish observance.

Our Values

The Loving Heart Fellowship’s values are based on the Universal teachings of the Torah regarding how to live a life of peace, love, and Godliness. We do not engage in any kind of missionary work. We promote God consciousness and Godly behavior for all peoples. We provide programs to promote fellowship and social responsibility for people of all backgrounds. We also provide specific programs for Jewish people, which utilize Jewish teachings and traditions to enhance peace, love, unity, and Godliness in the diverse Jewish community and in the world. We believe that all people are holy creations of God, that we must all treat each other with love and respect. We believe that it is good to live in a Godly fashion and promote peace, love, and unity in the world.

Deep inside, in our hearts …
Most of us know that whatever our differences may be, every person is a holy child of God. We must treat each other lovingly. The disunity of the Jewish people led to the destruction of the holy Temple. It continues to plague us today. We must create love, unity, and world peace – together!

With Love and Blessings,
Rabbi Edward Simcha Sheldon, Ph.D.

We need caring people who share our vision to help us realize our goals and dreams. If you share our values and our vision and you would like to help us with a contribution, or be a sponsor of one of our programs, or just become a member, please contact us.

A list of our needs and wishes can be seen on our Opportunities for Giving page.

Sponsors, contributors, and writers of our programs will have the opportunity of being listed on our site, and may become members of our advisory board.

The Loving Heart Fellowship

Is a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization

Your contribution is tax-deductible

And a big Mitzvah!

Yes, all donations are tax deductible, and you can fulfill many important Mitzvot (connections to God, commandments) by making this program available.

 Please see our Opportunities for Giving page and contact us for more information about becoming a sponsor of one of our programs or services.

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