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A Digital Game to Teach People

– Kids, Teens, Adults –

 How to Positively Overcome



Increase Understanding,Tolerance & Mutual Respect

Among Specific Jewish Individuals, Groups, Religious Beliefs and Affiliations

Concept created by:
Edward Simcha Sheldon, Ph.D.

PART I – The Awareness, Acknowledgment and Understanding of Prejudice

  1. A presentation regarding prejudice is provided   (YouTube, PowerPoint, Articles, etc.)

    1. General definitions

    2. Exploration of the differences between prejudice and personal, social, and religious values

    3. Understanding of prejudice: sources, motivations, consequences

    4. History of prejudices, and the changing of prejudices over time

    5. Exploration of the positive & negative consequences of prejudice

    6. Exploration of the positive & negative consequences and possibilities of eliminating prejudice

    7. Learning how prejudice psychologically, emotionally, ethically & spiritually undesirable & harmful

Part II – PRE-JEW-DICE – The Game

The Players can either:

  1. Choose a topic in which prejudice occurs is chosen from a list, or

  2. The Game randomly supplies a topic in which prejudice occurs

The Game Play

  1. The Throw of the Dice

  2. The Player presses a button

  3. The Pre-Jew-Dice are automatically thrown

  4. One of a number of different prejudice issues comes up on the left cube

  5. A non-prejudiced view appears on the right cube

  1. Animations portraying the two cubes are shown

  1. A multimedia presentation of the sources of the prejudiced and unprejudiced positions in relation to the particular prejudice topic above.

    1. History and nature of prejudice against ______.

    2. Examples

    3. Facts

    4. Fictions

Part III – Making the Transition from Prejudice to Awareness of the non-prejudiced reality

  1. Understanding why it is difficult to not be prejudice.

    1. Presentation of the perceived benefits of prejudice

    2. What must be given up when one gives up being prejudiced

    3. It is challenging and takes work to be not prejudiced. Why?

  1. Discovering the possible positive consequences of relating without prejudice

    1. Perceiving reality more clearly

    2. Relating with one’s self with honesty, integrity and clarity

    3. Creating the possibility for deeper and more real relationships with others

    4. Creating greater possibilities for understanding, appreciation, connecting, cooperation, and peace within ever widening concentric circles.

    5. Providing ourselves and our children with hopefulness for a more peaceful, healthy, happy, satisfying, calmer, moral, ethical, meaningful, fulfilling, pleasant, beautiful and generally positive future.

  1. Exploring what changes need to take place in order to relate without prejudice. (Multimedia learning resources)

  1. Cognitive changes

    1. Xxx

    2. Xxx

  • Xxx

  1. Emotional changes

    1. Xxx

    2. Xxx

  • Xxx

  1. Behavioral changes

    1. Xxx

    2. Xxx

  • Xxx

  1. Social changes

    1. Xxx

    2. Xxx

  • Xxx

  1. Presentation of exercises and examples which facilitate the above presented changes

    1. Xxx

    2. Xxx

    3. Xxx

    4. Xxx

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