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Strategic Educational Seminars has created and designed a number of series of presentations, on vital issues of Jewish identity, Jewish continuity, and Israel identity, and Israel/Tfutsot relations. These ‘series’ have been created in order to provide the sponsoring educational organization or the learner with the ability and flexibility to either choose to: a) gain just an overview of the topic, b) learn about specific areas of interest, or c) study the topic in depth.

The Goals:

To enhance and increase: Jewish identity, Jewish continuity, and appreciation for Judaism, connection to and responsibility for the Jewish people and Israel, and participation in Jewish life.

To help educators, parents, community leaders, teens, and young adults by: providing information, increasing awareness, and facilitating understanding regarding the above issues.

To provide the necessary training and tools so that educators, parents, community leaders, and lay people can help their students, children, and communities in their Jewish development and commitment.

Dr. Sheldon’s Presentation Topics on Jewish Identity & Continuity:
  • Jewish Identity – Self, Family, Community, Nation
  • The Jewish Nation – Relationship & Responsibility
  • The Jewish Family – Identity, Values, Goals, Dynamics
  • Israeli Identity – for Jews Living Inside or Outside Israel
  • Utilizing Culture (art, music, theater, literature) As A Bridge
  • Zionism in the 21st Century – What Is It? Is It Relevant? Why?
  •  Appreciating Jewish Values – Universal? Humanitarian? Jewish?
  • Unity in the Community – What Do Our Heritage & History Teach Us?
  • Dealing With The Positive & Negative Forces of our Global Village
  • Pluralism & Unity In Judaism – Havarim Kol Yisrael…Can We Be?
  • Participation In the Global Jewish Community – Where Do Jews Fit?
  • Maintaining A Jewish Self In A Non-Jewish World – Conflict to Harmony
Dr. Sheldon’s Presentation Topics on Jewish Psychology, Judaism & Spirituality:
  • Judaism, Psychology & Spirituality
  • Insights on Personal Growth from Jewish Sources
  • Marriage – An Opportunity for Psychological & Spiritual Growth
  • Making Jewish Ritual Practices Spiritually & Personally Meaningful
  • Psychological & Emotional Value of Traditional Judaism
  • Psychological Teachings from Jewish Holiday Observance
  • Shabbat – A Psychological, Spiritual & Existential Experience
  • Effective Relationships & Intimacy from a Jewish Perspective
  • Psychological Issues of Becoming a More Observant Jew
  • Shalom Bayit – Increasing Peace, Love & Harmony in Our Homes
  • Raising & Teaching Our Children Healthfully – Emotionally & Spiritually
  • Jewish Meditation & Prayer – A Journey of Self-Awareness & Personal Development
  • Being Single & Jewish Being LGBTQIA & Jewish
Available formats:

Our presentations are available in a variety of formats, in order to meet the individual needs of specific audiences. The following formats are available:

  • Lecture (one to two hours)
  • Experiential Workshop (one and a half hours, half day, full day)
  • Multimedia Workshop Experience (1 ½ hours, including musical performance, etc.)
  • Semester Course (with readings, activities, projects, etc.)
ALSO…. Dr. Sheldon is available to participate in panel discussions on the following topics:
  • The American Point of View
  • The Israeli Point of View
  • Zionism – It Is Still Important
  • The Positive Side of Pluralism
  • The Global Jewish Community
  • Jewish Identity, Continuity & Unity
  • Judaism Psychology & Spirituality
  • The Experience of an Oleh Hadash – the New Immigrant

Courses & Training Created & Presented By

Edward Simcha Sheldon, Ph.D.

Feel welcome to discuss with me any questions that you may have regarding
how I can custom tailor a course for your program’s needs