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The Jewish Unity Experience

An Interactive Multimedia Musical & Educational Show

Inspiring Positive Jewish Identity, Appreciation & Unity

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The Jewish Unity Experience

The Loving Heart Fellowship (a charitable tax-exempt 501C3 organization) creates innovative programs that address multiple issues and needs, and provide creative, effective, and efficient solutions. The Jewish Unity Experience is a new program that The Loving Heart Fellowship is developing, which meets many of the current needs of Jewish individuals, families, and communities, In Israel and in the Diaspora.

The Jewish Unity Experience is a carefully designed and implemented multimedia interactive educational experience, which features a multi-ethnic Jewish band*, performing songs that teach Jewish values. It is filled with fun, inspiration, celebration, and audience participation. It fosters understanding and cooperation between different kinds of Jews, young and old, secular and religious, Ashkenazi and Sepharadi, etc. Participants learn to appreciate, identify with, and actualize Jewish traditions and values, while increasing tolerance, mutual respect, and unity.

(*The Jewish Unity Experience can be presented as a one-person show.)

The Main Goals:

The fulfillment of a 2000-year-old Jewish dream – simply stated –

  1. That Jews of different denominations, ethnic backgrounds, origins, locations, beliefs, and customs – recognize, understand, appreciate, respect, celebrate, identify with, and be committed to their Jewishness, each other, and Israel – together.

  2. That Jews continue to learn about and live according to Jewish Universal values, including truth, social responsibility, tolerance, peace, love, justice, mutual respect, environmental responsibility, appreciation of goodness, ethical behavior, and friendship.

  3. That all Jews understand that: Judaism embodies, represents, and teaches positive Universal values; Judaism and Zionism do not equal racism: Judaism is not exclusionary – there are no racial, ethnic, sexual, physical, mental, or age related exclusions; there are no quotas; and that anyone who wants to live according to Jewish values and traditions can be a part of the Jewish People.

  4. That Jews understand the importance of Israel to the Jewish people.


Jewish audiences in Israel and around the world will be invited to participate in this multimedia and interactive Jewish experience. Different programs will be created and made available for specific age groups – from grade school through senior citizens. Venues are to include: schools, colleges, universities, community centers, federations, synagogues, conferences, conventions, community events, and television.


The Loving Heart Fellowship is committed to bringing Project “Jewish Unity” to as many communities as possible – both throughout Israel and throughout the world. We hope to increase unity among Jews, as well as in the world – and to show that Judaism and the Jewish People can be and should be seen in a positive light.

Partners – Organizational, Corporate, and Individual:

For information about our partners in funding, production, and facilitation of the

Jewish Unity Experience, please click here.

Benefits for the Jewish Individual, Jewish Community, and the Jewish People:

The Jewish Unity Experience is designed to serve the Jewish individual, the Jewish family, the Jewish community, and the Jewish people, by providing the many benefits listed below:

  1. Increase understanding and appreciation of Universal Jewish values, beliefs, traditions, and customs.

  2. Increase positive identity with and commitment to Judaism.

  3. Inspire Jews to understand and embrace their Jewish heritage and Jewish identity.

  4. Help Jews living in Israel value and appreciate their Jewish-ness and Israeli-ness.

  5. Help Jews living outside of Israel value and appreciate their Jewish-ness and connection to Israel and Israelis.

  6. Facilitate positive attitudes and feelings between ‘religious’ and ‘secular’ Jews.

  7. Facilitate mutual understanding, tolerance and appreciation of Jews from different streams of Judaism.

  8. Provide opportunities for communities to have positive Jewish multi-ethnic and multi-denominational/ secular/religious experiences.

  9. Increase Jewish unity and cooperation among the diverse streams of local Jewish communities.

  10. Help families be more accepting of the religious differences within their families.

  11. Reduce prejudice & negative stereotyping towards Jews of different streams of Judaism.

  12. Eliminate ethnic prejudice within the Jewish world.

  13. Help Israelis and non-Israeli Jews living in the Diaspora to identify positively with Israel.

  14. Demonstrate that Judaism and Zionism do not equal racism.

  15. Give individuals and communities the opportunity to learn about mitzvot and Jewish traditions.

In addition to the Jewish Unity Experience itself, the project will:
  1. Create, produce, and distribute Compact Discs of music that teaches Jewish values.

  2. Create, produce, and distribute educational materials and activities that enhance and reinforce the experience.

  3. Create and offer leadership training on many of the above topics, as described below.

Leadership Training Modules (Optional)

Training (workshops, lectures, classes, in-service training), both for individuals and groups (e.g. organizational staff, educators), will be made available in the following areas:

  1. Teaching Values through Music

  2. Jewish Inter-ethnic Relationships and Cooperation

  3. Creating Unity in the Jewish Community

  4. The Elimination of Prejudice and Negative Stereotyping (in the classroom, organization, community)

  5. Increasing Positive Jewish Identity

  6. Teaching the Positive Values of Zionism

  7. Building Community

  8. Building Bridges between People in Israel and People in the Diaspora

The Jewish Unity Experience includes the following components:

The Jewish Unity Experience is a Jewish multi-ethnic, multi-denominational, inspirational, multimedia, and interactive experience designed to teach and inspire Jews about the positive, personally meaningful, and Universal values within Judaism Includes:

  1. A multimedia stage show including musicians, singers, songs and narration that teach Jewish values* **

  2. Audience participation – (including opportunities to perform in the show)

  3. Facilitator led Q&A (question and answers) and discussion with the performers and audience

A Musical CD (Compact Disc) of the Jewish Unity Experience (Standard Edition)

A CD will be produced of the songs of the Jewish Unity Experience featuring the original professional cast of musicians, singers, and performers.


A Musical CD (compact disc) CUSTOM EDITION of the Jewish Unity Experience (OPTIONAL)

A CD will be produced from the Live Performance of the Jewish Unity Experience, as performed with local talent (from school, organization, etc.) participating in the music, singing, and dialogue.

Educational Materials (For Educational Institutions)

Educational materials and activities will be created for and made available to teachers and other educators. These materials are designed to be used:

  1. Before the show – to prepare the participant with a knowledge of the values being taught, as well as familiarity with the songs, so that they may join in during the performance.

  2. After the show – to reinforce the positive experiences of the show and to implement the values presented.

The Jewish Unity Experience is designed to have a positive and lasting impact on the audience. We have made it possible for individuals from the audience to participate as co-stars in the show – in the singing of the songs and reciting brief dialogue that give continuity to the show. The guest-stars’ teacher, youth leader, choir director, etc. help in the preparation of the performance using a CD, or cassette, with the show’s music, and printed sheets with the song’s lyrics and dialogue, which we provide.

* Due to the educational goals of particular schools and organizations, the Jewish Unity Experience can be customized to emphasize or focus on particular Jewish values, such as, Unity, Jewish Identity & Continuity, Prayer, Teaching Values in the Classroom, etc.

* * Due to financial considerations and other needs and goals of specific audiences there are options available for the stage presentation (the Jewish Unity Experience Show).

These include:

  • Number of musicians, singers, and performers   The Jewish Unity Experience can be presented as a one-person show.

  • Length of performance

  • Kind of sound system

  • Lighting

  • Compact Disc options

  • Audience participation preparation and guidance

Implementation of The Jewish Unity Experience in Your Community

The Loving Heart Fellowship helps communities present the Jewish Light Experience

We provide:

  1. Consultation with community leaders in the logistics of offering the Jewish Unity Experience.

  2. Training and materials used to market the program for Community Centers, Schools, Synagogues, etc.

  3. Training and materials used to advertise the program (press releases, announcements, etc.)

  4. Training for Educators and community/organization leaders how to prepare participants to be part of the show.

  5. Educational guides and materials for teachers – to teach in the classroom the Jewish Values presented in the Jewish Light Experience

  6. Coordinator of Custom CD (compact disc) production (if this option is chosen)

  7. Record keeping materials to help keep track of participants for future follow-up activities.

  8. Evaluation tools to ascertain the success of various aspects of the program.

  9. Certificates of Appreciation for community volunteers.

Fees for The Jewish Unity Experience:

The fee to bring the Jewish Unity Experience, (including: the multimedia show, sound system, educational materials, travel expenses, etc.) is dependent on the location and the size of the community, as well as which modules of the Jewish Unity Experience are chosen. Please contact us for more information.

Finding the Funds To Bring the Jewish Unity Experience to Your Community or Organization:

Funding usually comes from a combination of sources, including:

  1. Community grants (Federation, J.C.C., etc.)

  2. Participating schools, synagogues, and organizations have budgets for community education.

  3. Ticket sales

  4. Compact Disc Sales – we provide CD’s at distributor cost of $7.50, which can be sold for $15-$18


If you would like to participate in the great mitzvah and chessed of sponsoring Project Jewish Unity in a particular community, please contact us.

Our Dream

We would like to see Project Jewish Unity implemented throughout Israel, the United States, Europe, and throughout the world. We believe that the Jewish Unity Experience is a model of community education, which builds Jewish bridges across generations and ideological differences. It teaches and models respect, tolerance, and cooperation. It produces joy, love, and Godliness, and gives us hope for our future.

We need generous support from communities, foundations, and individuals to make this dream come true –

A dream that has been dreamt for 2000 years…now is the time to make it come true.

Approximately 10,000 children will be inspired over the next five years!

(Later to be also presented in JCC’s, Communities, and Schools throughout Israel)

Together, we can make a difference.

 For Further Information about The Loving Heart Fellowship

or to Bring Project Jewish Unity to Your Community:

Please feel free to E-mail us at:

Email: programs@lovingheart.org

(For security reasons, our address is not listed here)

The Jewish Unity Experience – Project Background:

The Problems to be Addressed and Solved: The fragmentation of the Jewish people is happening as you read this. Project Jewish Unity addresses the negative ways that Jews relate to fellow Jews, to Judaism, and to Israel. The problem In Israel of relationships between religious and secular Jews has become alarming, as academics are writing about the emergence of two distinct Jewish/Israeli cultures.

The Internal Problem Includes:

The fragmentation of the Jewish people in and out of Israel is increasing –

The divisiveness and antagonism between Israeli and non-Israeli ‘religious’ and ‘secular’ Jews is increasing.

Alienation, distrust, and malice have entered into the relationships between Jews of differing beliefs and practices.

Worldwide Jewish assimilation is increasing, reducing the worldwide Jewish population.

Many Jews are less committed to Israel and living a Jewishly committed life.

The Cause:

Jews and Jewish communities are not provided with enough of the right kind of Jewish experiences, education, and relationships. The tremendous amount of misinformation about Judaism, Israel, and Zionism creates additional problems.

The Need:
  • Jews need to know and appreciate the value of Judaism, and the benefits of Jewish commitment.

  • Jews need to increase Jewish identity and pride.

  • Jews need to increase mutual understanding, respect, appreciation, and cooperation.

  • Jews need to see Judaism as being a loving and embracing path of life, filled with positive values.

 The educational systems in Jewish communities – both in Israel and the Diaspora – are trying to deal with the urgent need to teach Jewish and Israeli values to its members. We are here to help.

What Motivates The Loving Heart Fellowship To Pursue This Project:

The Loving Heart Fellowship focuses on increasing unity among Jews. Studies show that informal education and music as an educational tool are more effective teaching tools than didactic learning experiences. Research shows that music is an excellent, effective, and efficient vehicle for teaching students of all ages. The music experience tends to be more enjoyable than most methods of teaching. Music is a more holistic experience, integrating cognitive, emotional, and sensory experience and learning. Music facilitates improved memory of the content being learned and gives the learning positive associations.

Jews need cognitive, emotional, and spiritual experiences that demonstrate the value of Judaism, the value of the Jewish People, and the importance of Israel. We need to know and to feel this value deep inside, and we need to act in accordance with these important Jewish values. We must not only preserve the Jewish people, we need to learn to understand and respect one another, and to cooperate with each other, for the benefit of the greater Jewish community. We need to act appropriately, as God conscious human beings.

The Jewish Unity Experience will give participants knowledge, inspiration, and personal experience of many essential Jewish values. This will help to build the identity and commitment of the Jewish individual, strengthen and unify the Jewish community, and improve the relationship between the Jewish people and Israel with the world.

Jewish Values Taught by the Jewish Unity Experience Shows Include:
Consciousness – Relationship – Responsibility – Commitment – Joy – Celebration – Spirituality 
  • Personal values (behavioral, cognitive, emotional, spiritual)

  • Family values (relationships, marriage, parenting, children)

  • Social & Community values (responsibility, care, respect, cooperation)

  • National Values (Zionism, unity, history, identity, continuity)

Healthy Self


Being Joyful & Hopeful

A Loving Heart


Vision & Commitment

Moral & Ethical Behavior

Inner Peace

Identity – Jewish Identity

Good reasons to be proud about being Jewish

Judaism teaches healthy, life positive, Universal values

Finding one’s place in history

Finding one’s place in the Jewish community

What it means to be a Jew in the world

Jewish opportunities, rights, obligations, responsibilities


Recognizing and showing appreciation for the good in life

Appreciating the gifts that God gives us

Appreciating each other

Identity – Identification With Israel

The existence of a Jewish state is important for the Jewish people

The state of Israel stands for many positive values for Jews and the world (democracy, self expression, etc.)

It is important to feel and be a part of Israel – wherever one happens to live

It is valuable to take part in the building of Israel, as it is also the building of one’s heritage

Experiencing Israel helps one understand his/her roots, history, people, and religion.



Tolerance, Mutual Respect, Appreciating Differences, Cooperation


Mutual Responsibility

Relating with God



Fixing and improving the world – Tikun Olam

Be responsible for one’s own well being (health, safety, etc.)

Social Responsibility

Environmental responsibility  

Being a good person

  The Heart (its importance in Judaism)

Having an open heart

Relating from the heart

Loving God

Loving Oneself

Loving one’s fellow Jew

Loving God’s creations

Loving Eretz Yisrael

Doing Mitzvot with a full heart


Love and responsibility

Honoring parents (teachers, elders)



Furtherance of life and the Jewish People


Learning Torah – Jewish traditions

Speaking properly without slander, etc.

Behaving ethically

Giving (tzedakah)

Sanctifying life – time, space, place, oneself, things

Acts of kindness and righteousness

Flipped classroom & Blended Learning – The learner can play the GAME at home, thereby preparing for the class discussion, clarification, addition related learning activities, and more advanced learning.

Gamification – The GAME is designed to not only motivate engagement and learning, but to grow in relation to social skills, psychological understanding, and personal values clarification and development.

Informal learning – The game is designed to encourage informal learning a. while playing the GAME, b. during individual on-line follow-up learning experiences, and c. during the Classroom follow-up discussions and activities.

Interactive Learning Platform – The GAME has an interactive learning component for searching and receiving on-line learning resources

Differential Learning – The GAME is designed with

  1. Various options of play appropriate for the cognitive and social levels of the learner,

  2. A quiz to ascertain whether the learner processes, comprehends, and remembers more effectively and efficiently with visual or auditory material, and

  3. Resources and materials appropriate for the individual learner (based on N.LP).

Individualized Learning – Each player plays through a succession of advanced levels of GAME learning, and skill development, at his/her own pace.

Social Network Learning/Playing – Players can play together on the same team or on “opposing” different teams.

Multi-platform Technology and Accessibility – each student can play on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or PC – individually, in a group, or as part of a social network.

Electronic Classroom – This GAME is particularly synergetic within an Electronic Classroom (Please refer to options for Play).

Compatible with different configurations of available technological devices – The Classroom Teacher or Player can choose a number of possible GAME playing-learning configurations based upon the technology available. (Tablets, laptops, home PC’s, – a few for the class, or one for each student).

Lifelong Learning – The social skills, interpersonal understanding, and development of values that is gained through the playing of this GAME, provides a platform and a jumping-up place for continued personal and social growth.

Fail-up – The Student/Player learns from the mistakes that are made, until the learner masters the knowledge, understanding and skills presented.

Adaptive Learning – The GAME adapts itself to the responses and understanding of the player.

Asynchronous, Synchronous and Combined Learning Options – This GAME offers the option of asynchronous learning, synchronous learning, or a combination of the two – asynchronous player self-learning, followed by classroom or social network learning experiences, integrating what has already been learned – with group sharing of ideas, skills, and social interaction regarding the material and process.

Synchronous & Asynchronous online Teacher monitoring and guidance – The GAME can be played online in the GAME’s web based format. Teachers and learners/players can synchronize a time for play and monitoring, so that the teacher can give feedback , explanations, clarifications and suggestions; or

The players/learners can interact with the teacher asynchronously.

Digital Story Telling – Animation is utilized within the GAME scenarios and in some of the provided teaching resources (AGL’s)

E-learning – takes place both through AGL’s (after GAME links) which connect the learner with additional resources and corrective presentations as a response to the materials that the learner had difficulty understanding.

MOOC – Massive Open Online Course – The information taught as part of the GAME playing experience can be presented formally, as a course, with the same availability of additional learning resources and teacher guidance.

Concept & content created by:
Edward Simcha Sheldon, Ph.D.

© All rights reserved 20002-2018.

*The Jewish Unity Experience, the program, music, and its accompanying educational materials, are protected by copyright laws. Copyright © 2002-2018

by Dr. Simcha Sheldon. All rights reserved.

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