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Passover Programing – Inspirational & Entertaining

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Simcha Sheldon

 Providing Pesach Entertainment & Programming Since 1988.

 Exciting Musical Shows & Concerts (All styles: Israeli, Hassidic, Pop, Sinatra, Oldies, etc.)

  • Music for Listening & Dancing
  • Inspirational Lectures & Presentations (On Judaism, Psychology, Relationships, Health, etc.)
  • Seder with Joy, Meaning and Participation
  • Programs for Singles
  • Hazzanut for T’fillah

Simcha performs in concert internationally, including the U.S., Europe, Israel, Russia, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Simcha lectures internationally at conventions, universities, synagogues, and on cruise ships,

and has been featured on television and radio.

Please feel welcome to call to discuss how Simcha can help

make your program a success.

Former Pesach Performances Include:

  • Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club Tampa, Florida – Kesher Tours (Gesher Tours of U.S.)
  • Yosemite Lodge, California – Classic Rafi’s Catering
  • Mount Airy Lodge, Pennsylvania – Schechter Tours
  • Hyatt Regency, Acapulco, Mexico
  • Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona – Sam Weiss
  • Hyatt Newporter, Newport Beach – Creative Resources – Bailey-Glaser
  • Sheraton – Orlando, Florida – Elite Dimensions


Simcha can provide for you a wonderful concert, as well as dance music, that sounds like a sixteen piece orchestra is playing, for the price of one person. (Of course we can add more musicians if you wish).

Enclosed, you will see an example of a schedule of services that Simcha can provide for you, to give you an idea of some possibilities.

I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity of discussing with you how I can be a part of your Passover team.

Please call me to discuss how I can help your Pesach program be a success!


Email: simcha.sheldon@gmail.com

Hag Samayach!

Simcha Sheldon


Simcha Sheldon In Concert

A Unique Jewish Musical Experience!

Musical, Spiritual Educational, & Personally Meaningful

For People Of All Ages & Backgrounds

Feel, know, love, and celebrate your Jewish heart and soul.

Audiences young and old, secular, and spiritual, enjoy Simcha’s concerts.

Sing and dance to exciting Israeli, Chassidic, Yemenite, Latin, Pop, and traditional songs.

Learn Hassidic & Mystical teachings that will touch and inspire you to laugh, love, even pray.

Simcha is an artistic & versatile vocalist and entertainer

He plays a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments, and

provides the sound of a full orchestra as accompaniment, playing his innovative and exciting

arrangements, of original and traditional songs, creating an inspirational and entertaining,

professional musical experience, with audience participation, and lots of joy.


Inspirational, Entertaining & Informative Presentations


Dr. Simcha Sheldon

Clinical & Medical Psychologist, Educator, Executive Coach & Hypnotherapist

 For Lectures on Topics of Self Improvement & Health (Click Here)

 For Lectures on Jewish Topics (Click Here)


Concert Recommendations & Comments


Thousand of people from all around the world have enjoyed experiencing our concerts!

This is what they have to say….


“You were a big hit!…The finest program in 35 years.”

   Southern California B’nai Brith Council – Russ Levy, Pres.


“As usual, your concert was a great success…entertaining, inspirational…new music.”

   Israel Center – Jerusalem “OU” NCSY – S. Solomon, Dir.


“The voice & music of Simcha Sheldon lifts your spirit & nourishes your soul.”

   Cantor Michael Russ, L’chayim Radio


 “Your concert performances… your music … singing …and variety of musical styles…were enjoyed by the whole family, religious and secular… a special touch.”

Mncplty of Jerusalem – H. Ben Shimon, Dir. Cultural Events


“Your performance stood out for its quality and professionalism…vocally and instrumentally.”

International Jewish Festival ’89 – P. Glasser – Coordinator


“Your song “Adon Olam” …fifth place Chassidic Songs Parade…Your album “Let’s Be Friends” is very special and different from the others.”

   Israel Broadcasting Authority – Nachum Ido, Programming

“The Jewish people of the city of Leningrad … express gratitude for your excellent performance … you sang and played so beautifully … a big crowd filled the concert hall that night.”

   Lishkas Ezras Achim – Rabbi Moshe Levertov, Coordinator

“Excellent performance … at the JCCA Entertainment Center … Thank you for your original composition (written) specifically for the Los Angeles Marathon.”

   Los Angeles Marathon – William Burke, President


“Highly energetic, innovative, inspiring.”

   Lincoln Square Synagogue, NY – Rabbi Simcha Weinberg


“You have a beautiful voice…You gave us a fabulous, versatile, dynamic show”

   Creative Introductions – San Diego, CA -Arline Gordon


“Your show is very different. Your wide range of quality musical material is refreshing and original. The audience enjoyed it very much.”

   Montel Caterers, NY – Mickey Montel



Dr. Simcha Sheldon

Lecturer & Scholar In Residence – Recommendations & Comments


“You really gave me something I could use to help me experience G-d. I was praying three times a day but I could not feel G-d so I left Jewish practices. The most important thing I learned was the necessity of prayer, the necessity of unifying with G-d. I liked the depths of your talks and the range of topics.”

     Yuval Lapide – Frankfurt, Germany

“What you have to offer is exactly what European Jewish students need. You really know how to speak on their level.”

   Robert Baruch – Leiden, Holland. Presidium; World ORT 2000

“You are able to discuss a variety of important topics and then synthesize them into a coherent meaningful presentation.”

   Muriel Teitelbaum – Zurich University


“You were talking not as somebody from above, but much rather than somebody who understands what we were talking about, and you used examples we understood to illustrate it. You know exactly how to get the most out of the people listening to you.”

   Mathiab Hirsch, Essungen, Switzerland


“Your workshop made me realize that I don’t know anything about Judaism and that I should do something to change it. The most important thing that I learned was that a lot of things which are illogical to me seem to have an answer.”

   Heim Daphna, Kilchberg, Switzerland


“You really care about what the participants are interested in.”

   Naomi Beer, Budapest


“I liked the most about your workshop the possibility of interaction with every person, it was touching.”

   Barbara Novanova, Bratislava, Czech Republic


“You really helped me to get in touch with my feelings and understand why being Jewish is so important to me (“Becoming A More Observant Jew“). Also, your workshop on “Stress Management” was a very exciting learning experience for me.

I use the relaxation techniques every day.”

   Rimma Khodosh, Director Early Childhood Education, Temple Shalom, Chicago, Illinois.

“Your workshop (“Helpful Ways of Dealing With Difficult Students“) was my “high” from CAJE 14. Your teaching about

Tikun of the soul will resound in my ears for some time to come. I know that it will change the way that I approach difficult situations in the classroom, with parents, with my co-workers, my family, my relatives, and anywhere that I encounter a “difficult” person. Thank you so much for this “gem.” –

   Arlene Schuster, Director of Education, Temple B’nai Torah, Mercer Island, Washington.


“Dr. Sheldon’s workshop on “Jewish Meditation and Prayer” was the highlight of the CAJE 17 Conference. Rarely have I found someone gifted in so many ways. His beautiful Neshama contributed profoundly to the spiritual insights he taught.” –

   Malka Kornblatt, Director, House of Learning, Boca Reton, Florida.

“Your workshops (“Dealing With Difficult Students” and “Jewish Meditation and Prayer”) were educational, meaningful, relevant, and extremely interesting…clear and informative, valuable handout materials.”

   Rachel Nattiv, Director of Education, Temple Shalom, West Covina, California.

” Your workshop (“Psychological Issues of Becoming A More Observant Jew“) was very moving. It made me really look at myself and my feelings, it made me get to the issues, we so often dance around.” –   Toby Love, CAJE ’92 .

“I found (“Stress Management & Motivation”) thorough, and most important of all, practical.”

   Peta-Ann Silansky, Director or Education, Congregation Beth Torah, Richardson, Texas.

“I had the good fortune to choose your workshop “Stress Management & Motivation”…I use your suggestions… with students…staff…and parents…Your presentation of “Identifying High Risk Situations” …very helpful.”

   Doreen Sheinman, Director of Special Education, Temples Shalom & Emanuel, Riveredge & Woodcliff, N.J.


Thousands of People from all around the world have enjoyed our programs.


Here Is A Sampling of Previous Concerts, Programs, & Speaking Engagements:

·   International Jewish Festival – Los Angeles

·   Bnai Brith Southern California Council

·   Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education

·   Los Angeles Jewish Festival – JCCA of Greater L.A. & Federation

·   Rabbinical Assembly Western Region Conv. – Palm Springs

·   Cantors Assembly Pacific Southeast – Palm Springs

·   Union of Orthodox Congregations – West Coast Convention

·   Jewish Renaissance Ctr. & Cong. Kehilat Jacob – New York

·   Liberty Bell Amphitheater – Municipality of Jerusalem, Israel

·   Salt Lake City Jewish Community Center

·   Sheraton World, Orlando, Florida

·   Israel Center – Jerusalem, Israel – for OU, NCSY

·   Kol Yisrael Radio, Jerusalem

·   European Union of Jewish Students – Scholar in Residence – Holland

·   University Of Judaism – Los Angeles

·   Leningrad, Russia – Lishkas Ezras Achim

·   Aruba – Americana Hotel

·   On Board the Crown Odyssey to South America

·   On Board the Saga Fjord to the Caribbean

·   On Board the Stella Solaris to the Caribbean

·   Jewish Federation of Los Angeles

·   Los Angeles Marathon – City of Los Angeles

·   International Conference Jewish Medical Ethics – California

·   Israelite Center, Jerusalem, Israel

·   Friar Tuck Inn, N.Y.

·   Hadassah, Amit, and many more!


Pesach 2007 Proposal (SAMPLE)


Monday, April 2:

            Late -afternoon – Facilitate welcoming cocktail party – Live Music .

Monday, April 2 (1st Seder):

            Evening – Help conduct Seder.

Tuesday April 3, (1st day Chag):

Kiddush for Singles: Presentation: “Creating Successful Relationships”

            Afternoon – Presentation & Discussion on

               “Pesach – An Opportunity for Psychological & Spiritual Growth.” or

               “Mystical & Psychological Insights into the Seder

Wednesday, April 4 (1st day Hol Hamo’ed):

            Evening – M.C. Show

Thursday, April 5 (2nd

            Evening – Simcha Sheldon in Concert

Friday, April 6 (3rd

            Evening – Facilitate Oneg Shabbat

Shabbat, April 7 (4th

            Dinner – Provide Music

Night – Facilitate Talent Show

Sunday, April 8 (5th         – evening – Hag – 7th day of Pesach)

            Evening – Presentation: “Jewish Identity & Continuity – Lessons from Pesach.”

            Or Facilitate Oneg

Monday, April 9 (7th day of Pesach – Hag)

Afternoon – Presentation, Participation, & Discussion on “Jewish Meditation & Prayer.”



Simcha Sheldon



To see my CV please click here: www.drsimcha.com/cv

Pesach 2011 Proposal

Musical Performances, Lectures, Seder, Hazzanut, Activities




Simcha Sheldon

Monday, April 18,

            Afternoon: Facilitate welcoming of guests –Music & Get to know each other activities .

            Evening – Conduct Seder – as Facilitator (explanations – divrei Torah & Hazzan

            (I can lead the Seder in Hebrew, English, or both simultaneously)

Tuesday, April 19, (1st day Hag)


(Optional presentation for young adult singles:

“Creating Successful Relationships”

            Late Afternoon – Presentation & Discussion on

               “Pesach – An Opportunity for Psychological & Spiritual Growth.” or

               “Mystical & Psychological Insights into the Seder

Evening – Emcee Show (Provide musical-vocal opening of show)

Wednesday, April 20 (1st day Hol Hamo’ed)

            Evening – Simcha Sheldon in Concert (Jewish, Hassidic & Israeli Music)

Thursday, April 21 (2nd day Hol Hamo’ed)

            Dinner: Provide Music

            Evening – Emcee show (Provide musical-vocal opening of show)

Friday, April 22 (3rd day Hol Hamo’ed)     – (evening – Shabbat)

            Evening – Facilitate Oneg Shabbat – Singing, diveri Torah

Shabbat, April 23 (4th day Hol Hamo’ed )

            Afternoon – Presentation: Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis for Health & Success

            Evening – Simcha Sheldon in Concert (Pop Music, Sinatra, Streisand, Vegas Style Show)

Sunday April 24, (5th day Hol Hamo’ed, Erev Hag):

            Evening: Bet Ha’knesset – Dvar Torah

            Evening – Oneg with singing after dinner (Tisch)

Monday, April 25 (Last day Hag):

            Afternoon: Presentation: “Jewish Identity & Continuity – Lessons from Pesach.”

            Optional Se’udat Mashiach Tisch      

Optional Activities:

Karaoke, Talent Show

Feel welcome to discuss with us any questions or comments that you may have regarding
how we can help you to utilize our programs.